Second Sunday of Lent    Year A     8 March 2020

Toilet paper! 

First it was fire and then more fires.

Frank Marriott – Victoria West

Next floods and more floods and a great rain here in central Victoria. But no floods.

Then a faraway city in China produced, at the time, a series of jokes based upon a brand of beer and a newly named virus, ‘Corona’.

Then the virus spread. A little like the descriptions of Abram’s successor Moses, found in Psalm 104 (105), in his attempt to leave Egypt. Has Australia been reduced to panic buying by a little BUG?

We do need Lent and, as the above sighted Psalm reminds the reader, “for he remembered his holy word, which he gave to Abraham (and his successors)” and that word and promise of deliverance remains with us today.

How did this beautiful county get into such a mess?

What an image it gives enemies to play with!

Jesus was getting into some even hotter water before the Gospel incident related in Matthew and read today.    John the Baptist had been murdered. A great debate about Tradition was raging. Peter had been ticked off just after his great profession of faith. The disciples heard the first prediction of the passion and then they find themselves at the foot of a mountain; some are invited to go further. The current reality is about to be disturbed. Again, a word is spoken:

” This is my Son, the Beloved; he enjoys my favour. Listen to him.”

No wonder he told them: “Stand up. Do not be afraid.”

Like two thousand years ago, we constantly live facing life sequences.

There is not much leeway between-

+life and death,

+ promise and peril

+ health and harm.

And for Jesus, he now sets his face towards Jerusalem!

We are not sure what is around the corner, but for us the call is still the same:

“Stand up. Do not be afraid!”

Mons Frank.


P.S. We ask prayers for a positive response to the Darwin community from the TEAMS message this weekend.