First Sunday of Lent   Year A   1 March 2020

Chatting on the footpath often reveals deeper concerns. Is it because, in a sense, the conversation takes place “in the wilderness?” You are out in the open, away from the security of the breakfast table which, at times, is equivalent to a seemingly mad house with people rushing to work, to school and, for some, to the gym.  A small chat today revealed the line “If only they would tell the truth”.

This wilderness experience related in the Gospel on our first Sunday of Lent is about the truth; Jesus is God’s Son. Historically, Israel failed the test to demonstrate that they were faithful people, God’s People. Jesus demonstrates that he is faithful. He loves the truth. He lives the truth. He is God’s Son.

Thus, we begin Lent.

Lent is not so much about bread, about giving things up or taking trips up high mountains; it is about coming to grips, yet again, with the truth of our Baptism and what that gift calls us to be. It is a call to face up to who we really are and to embrace that gift.

There are many ways to do that. The footpath and a positive conversation may be one way for some…each has to find her/his wilderness. In that place we can, yet again, find our truth and, thus, witness to all.

After all, we too, are God’s daughters and sons.

Mons Frank