Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time  Year C 25 August 2019

A lot of water has flowed under my bridge in the past few days, and yours.

The appeal process judgement handed down last Wednesday now seemingly to be referred to the High Court.

The saga continues.

Our Annual Diocesan Priests’ In-service.

Tim Fischer, a faithful member of our diocesan family, died.

The Formation Weekend for Teams attracted representatives from the Philippines, New Zealand and all  states of Australia.

The annual general meetings of Cardijn Community International (CCI) and its local expression, Cardijn Community Australia (CCA), were held this weekend.

It was difficult to “hold up your limp arms and steady your trembling knees” when faced with the evidence of much confusion, some division, but great signs of enough work being done by committed people in the field of marriage, particularly for couples and their relationship, let alone the efforts being made to raise in ‘See, Judge and Act’ scenarios, the social issues present in our community.

For me it was almost too much of a good thing!

Upon reflection the scenarios outlined…

  • the death of a very good man, and public figure,
  • the coming together of people from distant islands trying to enter by the narrow door,
  • the complexities of modern living,
  • all allowing themselves to be trained by the Lord.

It just seems appropriate for me, a little late to share with you, that despite all the trauma going on, many good people are getting on with the job, working to take their places in the Kingdom of God.

Possibly, just possibly, in much the same way as they were when Hebrews was written.

Mons Frank