Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time  Year C 18 August 2019


What a week to be asked to reflect, discuss and pray about “division”.

*Hong Kong with the issue of basic legal rights.

*The Pacific Forum with differing views about survival of Island nations.

*Victoria at loggerheads with the understanding of the seal of Confession.

*The world awaiting a no-win response to the Cardinal’s appeal against his conviction.

*The sign on the light pole not far from me that reads “Do you use speed or ice?”. It is an invitation to
participate in a research project by Monash University with absolute confidentiality promised!

And we will hear proclaimed, “No, I tell you, but rather division.”

So, what is Jesus really on about?  We know that after the Resurrection he constantly greeted people with the words, “Peace I give to you.”

Let’s remind ourselves again, just where we are at, accompanying Jesus on the road to Jerusalem. In a sense, Jesus is becoming more resolute with his journey and more determined to prepare those who choose to follow for the hardship ahead.

To follow Jesus will, ipso facto, cause division. It did in 33 CE, and it does now. There is no easy road for the committed disciple. Jesus is calling upon those who hear his words, to conversion before it is too late. Our next confession may not be here, in or outside a box, but before the judgement seat itself!

If Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life”; if he and his works of healing are a signal from God, then we humans need to do something about the way we live.  Both doing and not doing will cause division. We, thus, reach the fork in the road!

Eucharist offers strength to take the path less travelled.

Mons Frank