Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C   11 August 2019

Our world is, in a sense, traumatised by the word ‘security’; be it in the aftermath of Christchurch, let alone the recent U.S. shootings. Our on-going battle with the after-effect of Manus Island, let alone the necessity to have a Working with Children Card, causes us grief.

Last week the search was on for security by building bigger barns…for what purpose and I guess we have all lost a relative or dear friend during the course of this week. The barns did not save!

Jesus returns to this theme of security. So many now surround themselves with spiritual CCTV cameras, high walls and some even have armed guards. In a sense we try to not hear God knock on our door.

Perhaps it was not so different in Jesus’ time:

“listen you who have ears to hear”.

So today, Jesus raises the bar with his chosen ones. The kingdom comes but there is a cost: what distracts me from allowing the kingdom to enter my door?

Too many locks …

Too many buts …

Too many things to do…

Oh, come back next week. By then I will have cleared the desk, been to Vinnies with the surplus goods, made the donation I have been promising to do…and I will be alert and waiting.

However, I may be open to the call too late. The invitation to the kingdom may have passed me by, like the thief in the night.

It is scary to think that the kingdom may be offered to me. It can evoke fear. What will it cost? Not many stood around the cross on that fatal afternoon. The merciful Lord does give us all another chance.

So be alert, be on your guard and say ‘yes’ the next time.

Mons Frank