Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C 4 August 2019

Building bigger barns!

It is comforting to think, but also embarrassing, that Jesus’ reflection on hoarding, apparently evident in his time, is still with us today. The buildings might be different…such as the proposed new football stadium in Sydney, but the principle remains the same. What is our treasure and where do we keep it?

We all need a place to live and turn into a home, a place to be hospitable, and a place to nurture values and faith.

How big is big?

Do we always need bigger and newer and smarter establishments?

One great lesson Jesus taught us was the importance of the table in whatever place he found himself. Whether it was in the home of the rich Pharisee or with Matthew or with Nicodemus, let alone on that last fatal night.

Do we build our treasure around the table?

The table is sacred in the home and in the place of worship. It not only holds the food that sustains us, but it gathers us as one to share our story and to enable us to listen and learn. It is there that we really make ourselves rich in the sight of God.

So, beware of the temptation to have bigger barns. Let us labour wisely, skilfully and successfully, around our table to enable all who gather to discover that there is only Christ and that he is everything. And he is in everything!


Mons Frank