Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time      Year C  21 July 2019

Fifty years on.

We were just grappling with English in the Liturgy then (in some places only), and the new Lectionary had not completely arrived (in some places) and the challenge for Priests had been launched (in some places) to prepare a homily based upon the Readings for the day.  It is a fair guess that we, all of us, were not confronted with the readings we have this weekend. The maths experts may enjoy working out the Word of God placed before us that Sunday when a man walked upon the Moon!

My eye caught the phrase this weekend, “the message which was a mystery hidden for generations and centuries, has now been revealed to his saints.”

Fifty years on, it is being recalled in some places that Buzz Aldrin, with the permission of NASA  and his local Church, took the ‘Sacrament’ blessed at his local church under the form of bread and wine and had a minute’s silence in the command ship and celebrated in his tradition. “The mystery is Christ among you.” I think St Paul would have rejoiced!

We all grapple with the confronting and comforting doctrine of the reality of the gift of the presence of the R isen Christ among us…the Sacrament of the Eucharist is very much a centrepiece of Catholic doctrine. It has borne the heat and been tested in the fires of debate and persecution. Not all believers have been able to accept the fullness of this teaching. Many are still on the way; we still need to follow St Pauls words:

“This is the wisdom in which we thoroughly train everyone and instruct everyone, to make them all perfect in Christ.”

So let us rejoice that amidst all the noise and comment that this fifty year anniversary brings forth, someone gave unique witness to the great truth of the presence of the Risen Christ amongst us.

Let’s open our hearts to embrace both Martha and Mary; be of service at the table and be a worthy recipient of its fruit.

Mons Frank