Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time   Year C   7 July 2019

A reminder… whilst I was indisposed last week, our Gospel journey turned a corner; Jesus resolutely took the road for Jerusalem.

He had made the next big decision. The die is cast.  We keep that in mind. He then asked his followers to go to the Samaritans, he reminded them of the cost of following and he began to sharpen some of his teaching.

Today, he once again sends disciples to the Samaritans. Short punchy visits, no spare sandals etc. they’re to proclaim a pithy message “Peace to this house!”, a bit like offering the same in North Korea. But they go; now with the knowledge reinforced; that the “kingdom of God is very near.” They also are sent to ‘proclaim’ rather than to ‘convert’. Some might reject the message of peace. That rejection rests with the hearers…the duty of the disciples is to proclaim.

And there’s the rub!

How do we do it?

Pope Paul VI once told a group of pilgrims that they might be the only Gospel that many people would read that day.

Do we write letters to the paper? to the companies?

Do we occasionally go to the community meetings and say our piece?

Do we wish “peace to this house” in these or similar words when we enter?

Do we stop after Church and try to greet a new person?


We don’t have to stand on the street corners and blare out our teaching, but we must reclaim our voice in the market square.

We can do that.

We are part of the seventy-two.

Mons Frank