Trinity Sunday    Year C   16 June 2019

“Everybody is in a hurray”, so commented a retreatant!

It struck me that this may be one lesson for this Sunday. The Trinity is not burdened by the demand to have everything finished, completed, done and dusted, yesterday!

“The Lord created me when his purpose first unfolded”, not quite the tortuous path of ordering a hamburger at Maccas via the new, efficient, handy self-service machine designed to save ‘time’. Who’s?

“When he fixed the heavens firm, I was there”, and now we know (2019) that we do not know in our measurement of time when that happened. A few years ago, we would have spoken with certainty that the universe was one, or perhaps, two billion years old. In our time we slowly learn to be patient.

Time. Often, one lesson in dealing with our many new cultures is that their version of being on time is quite different to ours. That is difficult for our society which is programmed to run ‘on time’.

So, is there a balance?

Several times in the unfolding story of God’s revelation we read, “at the appointed time” or similar phrases. After the Resurrection the apostles were told to go back to Galilee and await.

In a similar vein, every now and then, God raises up various people to point the way for us to follow. As mentioned before, John Vanier was one such in recent times. Who is next?

Trinity Sunday brings together the wonderful world of the Trinity in whom there is no beginning nor end. Time as we know it is, in a sense, not relevant nor important. However, it is for us in different ways.

So, for couples, take time for your sit down with each other.  Take time for your sit down with the family. For all, take time to sit down with yourself, and include your neighbours.

But above all, take time for God!

Mons Frank