Second Sunday in Ordinary Time   Year C  20 January 2019

‘Water into wine’!

Today, how many remember the story that gives us that word and the reality?

The Chapel in Cana is a reminder of the event of 2000 years ago and is visited often by couples preparing for marriage and members of movements like Teams, that seek to drink in some of the great mystery and gift of

“there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee”.

As we start our Ordinary Time journey, to answer the questions posed last week, we may like to ponder this reading as it reflects an awareness that there is to be an “hour” for Jesus, that in doing what his mother asked, he showed us that he was an obedient son, and by blessing the six stone jars containing up to 150 gallons of water, an aspect of his Messianic mission is given…abundance.

Today, society is able to celebrate Golden and Diamond wedding anniversaries with increasing frequency. Such celebrations are not only positive for the couple involved but can, and should, be occasions of wonderful memories and signs for future accomplishment for couples starting their journey, in a world that seems to highlight failures and rarely reports on achievement.

Reading two this week reminds us that “there is a variety of gifts.” One great gift is the renewed blessing on marriage endorsed by Jesus’s actions at Cana. Not all was perfect in the society of Jesus’s time. The Gospel accounts, let alone the records of other writers, tell of the infidelities of the people of all ranks including Kings (ask John the Baptist), but people still got married and Cana was an occasion in which the Spirit, acting through Jesus, endorsed marriage as an ideal and a gift from God.

Celebrate your marriage this weekend…and maybe raise a glass as they did at Cana in Galilee.

Mons Frank

The Baptism of the Lord   Year C  13 January 2019

The Church’s liturgical year slips into Ordinary Time this Sunday and in choosing Luke for the Gospel (in some sense it is no wonder) it is very clear that from now on we must be focused upon Jesus. John has departed to prison. We meet Jesus at prayer (a little sign to us all); we are reminded of his identity “You are my Son” and a gentle alert, “my favour rests on you.”

So, we better watch out, we better not fail, for the answer to the ‘feeling of expectancy’ has arrived.

In following Luke’s account, it might be useful to keep in mind the following questions (and brief answers) to help us understand what Jesus began to do and teach.

Who is Jesus?……He is God’s Son!

What sort of a Son is he?……An obedient Son!

What kind of a Messiah is he to be?……A prophetic Messiah!

These questions will be answered during the course of the year, and with those answers will come the challenges to each of us who are determined to hear his call. Don’t be afraid to seriously ask “How would my reaction fit in with the call to participate in the preparation for the Plenary Council” when you hear a slightly different call or see something in a new light. Remember, when reading the Scripture, it is not just any old book! It is the book of books which outlines the sins and sinners as well as the game changers and saints.

We are called to be game changers and saints for we, too, are beloved daughters and sons via our Baptism.

Welcome to the New Year.

Mons Frank

The Epiphany of the Lord – 7 January 2019

Years ago…Syria is only sand and death…and there is no wealth”. Welcome to the New Year of Grace 2019, according to the so-called leader of the ‘free world’.

These words provoked me in the context of our Christmas celebrations and looking forward to the further celebration of the spirit of giving which is implicit in our feast this weekend. Both feasts conjure up a sense of goodness and hope for a world tired and weary in 4 BC, and a world still in need of such gifts in 2019. We simply can’t dismiss a nation so flippantly as was done in the above quoted exchange. Those people are children of the living God who deserve a fair go and protection from the evil ones. They need to hear the hope of the Psalmist today:

“In his days justice shall flourish

and peace till the moon fails.”

We all need to hear those words and have our hopes raised, even a little, that there “will come a leader who will shepherd my people.”

The wise men call us to be people looking for the truth and being prepared to recognise that truth by giving of ourselves and giving in recognition from our bounty.

We believe that our world has been gifted with a new understanding of light, peace and love; or as John Bell of the Iona Community puts it:

Light looked down and saw the darkness,

“I will go there” said light.

Peace looked down and saw war.

“I will go there” said peace.

Love looked down and saw hatred.

“I will go there” said love.


So he,

the Lord of Light,

the Prince of Peace

the King of Love

came down and crept in beside us.

Allow the same “he” to creep in beside you this New Year.

Mons Frank