St Mary’s Cathedral Lights of Christmas Projection Footage 2013

Film of the Nativity lights projection from St Mary’s Cathedral in 2013, from Hand drawn stain glass nativity play made for Lights of Christmas 2013, the final animation was projected onto Sydney’s biggest Cathedral. It ran from 7th to 25th of December. Starting each evening at 7:30pm and stayed on until midnight.

Company: Agb Events
Art Director: Giles Westley
Comping/Animation: Jamil Yamani
Sound: Nick Wishart
Job: Lights of Christmas

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New Study Topics available! Discerning the Signs of the Times


Discerning the Signs of the Times, The new international study topic 2014-2015. This is an option for next year as Teams think about their discussion topic. It has 8 chapters, and includes suggestions for the sit down and the meeting. It has been translated by a former Teams’ member in the ACT. On the front cover is the image of the young couple with their ears on the globe.  “Discerning the signs of the times, involves bearing witness to the beauty of human love as God has planned It, in the face of the fascination exercised by artificial representations of love