Yarra Sector Crossroads

The Happy Group from Yarra Sector Crossroads May 2013

On May 18, we decided to try a different format – which was voted a success.

27 people from 5 Teams came to the Saturday “brunch” meeting – held in the multipurpose room of Trinity school, Richmond, Victoria.  The sector team organised the catering.

We divided the numbers over 5 tables and shared with each other over a light meal, Our discussion  topic then centred on a number of questions that had been inspired by an article on Pope Francis’ group of new “cardinal advisors”.  Reference to Vatican 11, our lives since that Council and what action is still needed now, formed our lively discussion.

Feedback from the meeting included :

  • most worthwhile ,
  • beyond expectations;
  • topic provided much discussion;
  • great venue;
  • good to be able to share our faith & values with others ;
  • good to be able to catch up with old friends from other Teams;
  • meaningful event.