February 14, St Valentine’s Day – “Gratitude an essential virtue”

The 40 Day Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is a virtue that can be deliberately cultivated and is a vital ingredient for any relationship.

Try the 40 Day Gratitude Challenge: Every day identify one good thing in your spouse/friend and express your gratitude to him/ her. Say it, write it, sing it, text it, draw it – it doesn’t matter how – just communicate it!

Do this for 40 days and see the difference.

Australian Catholic Bishops Commission for Life – Take the Challenge.

Vic West – Teams Regional Retreat 2013, Harrietville, Victoria.

Teams Regional Retreat 2013, Harrietville, Victoria.
Theology of the Body
We are inviting all Teams in the Region to attend the 2013 Annual Retreat at Feathertop Chalet, Harrietville, Friday 24 – Sunday 26 May 2013. Facilitated by Matthew McDonald, Office of Life, Marriage and Family.

Bookings close 16 May, 2013, Contact Christine & John Haddrick, 0357215845, 0407938882

Theolgy of the Body – Vic-West Regional Retreat Invitation, May 24-26, 2013