Vic East – Yarra Sector Newsletter December 2012



December 2012


( Issued to Teams 1, 2, 23, 25, 26, 29, 31, 63 and 76)


Joan & Michael O’Callaghan have now joined Ann & Brian Rochford and Rob & Bernadette Pell to form the Sector Team for Yarra. Our newsletters aim to communicate with all teams within the sector, advising of current and future matters and events that can assist in development and continuation of our lives as team couples. We would welcome any comments or queries related to items within the newsletters or to other aspects related to Teams’.


  1. 1.      Responsible Couples Review Meeting 2012 


An afternoon meeting was  held on 13/10/2012 at home of Rob and Bernadette Pell.  11 people attended, representing  4 of  the 9 active Teams in our Sector.   Apologies were received from those RC’s who were unable to attend.


The following items were considered in our discussions :


  • Monthly team meetings. With most of Yarra Sector Teams being long-established, individual teams have adopted a variety of  meeting times and durations to suit the changing needs of the couples. The balancing of the ‘sharing’ component of the meeting, to fit within the confines of the overall meeting, was raised as an important issue.
  • Team retreats and study topics.  Information about retreats (locations and themes) and study topics were shared by teams who were represented at the review meeting. We would like to collate similar information, from other teams within the sector, and issue a list which could be used by teams when considering future retreats and study topics.
  • Names and contact details of responsible couples for 2013 need to be forwarded to a sector team member as soon as possible. (Thanks to those who have already advised this information)
  • Changes in contact details of teams members at any time need to be forwarded to a sector team member
  •  Responsible Couple/Person Formation Day on Sunday 17 February 2013 at St Peter and Paul’s Parish Hall, Leed St, East Doncaster (see attached invitation flyer).
  • Crossroads meeting for 2013 (see below for details)
  •  2014 National Conference to be held in Melbourne (see below for further information)






  1. 2.      Responsible Couple/Person Formation Day 2013


Each Yarra Sector team is encouraged to be represented by its 2013 Responsible Couple (RC), or another team couple, if the RC is unavailable. Any or all of the couples within a team are most welcome to attend this day to refresh ideas for spiritual formation, to assist 2013 RC’s and to learn of happenings within the Teams’ Vic East Region. The attached invitation flyer provides details of timing, venue and whom to contact concerning acceptance of invitation.


  1. 3.      Crossroads Meeting 2013


Yarra Sector Crossroads Meeting is scheduled from 11am to 2pm on Saturday 18 May 2013 at  Multi-purpose Hall, St. James Parish, Kent Street, North Richmond.

Please mark this date within your diaries.


Crossroads meetings are a great opportunity to meet with other team members to provide and receive mutual information and encouragement related to our journey in Teams’. We would encourage as many couples as possible to  attend this function. Further details of this event will be provided early in 2013.


  1. 4.      National Conference 2014


The next national conference, to be held in Melbourne on Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of April 2014, is to be organised on a national basis and led by Victoria (Vic East and Vic West regions). The proposed venue is Australian Catholic University (ACU), Victoria Parade, Fitzroy.


The organisation of this function is currently in its start-up phase. More detailed arrangements will be progressively developed during 2013.


Any Teams members who would like to offer their services  to work on any aspect  related to this conference (eg. billeting, transport, liturgy, etc) could contact any member of the sector team or notify the Regional Couple, Murray & Maureen Cullinan directly per email to


  1. 5.      Responsible Couple’s Review Meeting 2013


Afternoon meeting on Saturday 5th October 2013 is proposed at the home of  Joan & Michael O’Callaghan, 8 Gilmore Road, Doncaster.  Further details will be provided later. Responsible Couples to please note this event in their diaries.


  1. 6.      John McKinnon


We are saddened to advise that John McKinnon (Team 7) has died on 4 December 2012. John and Veronica have been outstanding members and leaders in the Teams movement.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Veronica and family at this time.


Sector Contact Details :


Ann & Brian Rochford –; Ph 9686 1737

Bernadette & Rob Pell –; Ph 9421 3901

Joan & Michael O’Callaghan –; Ph 9848 1477


Attachment:     Invitation for RC Formation Day 2013